College, is it really worth it ?

Many children grow up experiencing great pressure to attend college. It is a stressful process that involves a lot of arguing. Sometimes, the kids are forced in a major that their heart is not into.  However, they want to go to college sometimes they do not. College is an option some people go some don’t, it really is up to the individual depending on what career the person wants to go into. Yes, college can get one better career choices. But the thing is, college is an individual choice whether to go. Money is not the only benefit, it is an experience that some crave, but it is not a good situation for everyone.

If one chooses to go to college and graduate with a degree, they will make more money. “In, 2016 the average income with someone with a G.E.D is $35,615, but someone with a bachelor’s degree is $65,482 and someone with an advanced degree is $92,525”. Graduating college not only does it make one more money, it also makes one healthier. “83% of college graduates reported being in good health, while 73% percent of G.E.D graduates reported the same. “20% of adults are smokers, 9% are college graduates”. “Mothers with only a high school diploma are 31% more likely to give a low-birth-weight baby than a mother with a college diploma”. College has a lot more benefits than just money. College let’s one live comfortably and happy.

Going to college changes your life completely. College students are exposed to new cultures and ideas. “70.7% 0f college freshman in 2015 said they expected to socialize with someone of a different racial or ethnic background”. “In 2004, 79% of people graduate degrees and 73% of college graduates thought it was very important to try and understand the reasoning behind opinions of others compared to 67% of associate degree holders, 64% of high school graduates, and 59% of high school dropouts”. College allows you to learn who you are. College opens up your mind.

Yes, college has a lot of benefits but it is not for everyone. College can be extremely unaffordable for many people. “From the 1986-1987 school year to the 2016-2017 school year, the average cost of one year of college ( including room and board) increased for 4-year private schools (109.6%) and 4-year private schools (125.7%), while median family income increased 10.0% between 1986 and 2015”. Students might consider a student loan but forget it. “As of June 2016, about 42 million Americans owe $1.3 trillion in student debt and 45% of people said college isn’t worth it”. College is a finical risk that everyone is not willing to take.

On the other hand, some people say that college shouldn’t be up to the child it should be up to the parent. This point of view makes sense since parents only want what’s best for their children even if it means forcing the child to go to college. Parents do not want their children to be suffering throughout life. Say if the parent had their child in high school and didn’t go to college and the parent doesn’t want the child to suffer like they did. However, forcing a child into something they don’t want to do is not going to make them do it. It only makes them do the task to the least of their ability. Therefore, college should be a personal preference.

In conclusion, college has a lot of benefits, gives you a life-changing, but not everyone has to go to college. College is really up to the individual. Some people go some people don’t. Yes, it has many great details about it but it’s really their choice. So, make an individual choice on college.



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